Yırtıcı Kuşları Koruma Hareketi

Raptors Conservation Action

Raptors Conservation Action is an independent conservation and communication project to determine and eliminate the threats against the raptors in Turkey.
Tora Benzeyen & Onur Okur

Raptors of Turkey Guide Published!

“Raptors of Turkey Guide”, Turkey’s first and only illustrated guidebook of raptors, consisting of detailed illustrations, descriptions, distribution maps and observation information of 51 raptor species observed in Turkey, is now available.

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Watercolor Illustration


The roots of Raptors Conservation Action date back to mid-2016, while the team members’ voluntary efforts in a bird ringing camp. According to personal observations of expert wildlife vet Onur Okur during his academic study, the number of injured raptor cases passed over a hundred individuals per year.


Act II is the follow-up project of the Raptors Conservation Action. The project aims to determine the hotspots in the intercity road between Ankara and Kastamonu provinces (Central Anatolia, TURKEY) to prevent roadkills of raptors with road survey and citizen science methods.

Life Road App

Can Yolu (Life Road) is a mobile app to make a denouncement for car hits against raptors as well as other wild animals. It is also possible to report cases with any other reasons.

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